Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Moon Layout Original Floor Plan to Z Brush Renders

The original floor plan sketch that I produced. As a colour key, I tried to paint this in as though I was creating a displacement map as so it would be easy to read and I knew specifically what I wanted to create. The lighter grey area's highlight the high-land points in the terrain, where as the darker parts demonstrate where the terrain dips downhill. The craters are the circular area's, however as they dip in at various lengths and each crater is different to the other, it's important to retain that Natural looking illusion that I want to capture. 

The first two Birdseye views are my surface layout which will play as the stage for my character performance. The image above, which is a whole-Moon sculpt will be situated in my wide/long shots. The last two images have a started mid-grey texture, unlike the first one which is just a screenshot of the finished sculpt with a default lit texture.