Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Moon Surface Render Pass

This is the surface of the Moon where most of the Performance and action in my scene is going to take place. While it looks like a basic plane mesh, It's actually been a difficult road to get it here. First of all, the initial levels and higher ground and lower ground area's were simply made in Maya and then exported to Z Brush. In Z Brush, I had a lot of fun being able to digitally sculpt in the craters and the natural/raw texture that the plane has - whilst facing the challenges of learning the Z Brush interface which has been an unprecedented journey for me. Getting that wonderful sculpt back into Maya and getting it back in there efficiently and how I artistically wanted it was the most difficult part. There's a lot of thing's that have to be played around with in regards to exporting all of the detail from Z Brush and getting that back into Maya. The detailed texture itself is a texture Map. This is known as a Displacement Map, and then on top of this there is a really cool velvet texture that I have found through external sources, so it's not a Maya preset. But that gives my environment a really nice and grainy but eased out look that compliments my rugged natural landscape. So really, we have a basic mesh plane with 2 Textured UV Maps laid over to give the artistic representation that I really really desired. I can say I am more than happy with the result! It's been something I have had to persevere with but my artistic representation of the Lunar surface has come into fruition!