Monday, 22 October 2012

Colourscript, Colour Key Palette's & Production Design

Above is the colour script that I have sketched and then digitally painted in Photoshop. A colourscript is a roadmap for the way colour will be applied throughout my film. It allows me at a glance to see what mood's and feelings I can evoke from a single frame, and the colours and lights that compliment the evoking. It also allows me artistically to try and see where I can fullfill my vision and where I may be going wrong; and it will be a wonderful visual reference for when I am lighting my scene. Colour was always integral in setting the tone of the film here and conveying the right atmosphere. Space is a dangerous, negatively lit place. Stylistically, I have to bump it up visually in comparison with how it looks in real life so I can touch on the moods I want my audience to feel. In reality, from my research, from the moon imagery, to stand on the moon in real life is nowhere near as extravagant as what i'm hoping to acheive which as an artist and a storyteller, I think will give me tremendous freedom that I enjoy exploring. 

Colour Keys 


The reason Iv'e gone with these secondary hue colours is because not only do I want to try and play around with the colour palette of space, and create something new and refreshing, I want to bring in a colour aesthetic that really stuck by me as a child from Disney's Sleeping Beauty. The colours in that film and the way they are used to elicit moods and emotional responses from an audience and the atmosphere it builds for the film as a whole is something that has always stuck by me but iv'e never really used that form of inspiration before to work with such diverse colours. Here I thought would be a great time to start as i'm not tied down to reality in such a way that I have to follow certain logical laws. I do have a bend of freedom that I feel confident I can enjoy and experiment with. 

One of my all time favorite favorite Disney animated films "Sleeping Beauty" employs a powerful colour palette that defines itself against it's predecessors and the Disney films that follow. Stylistically, it stands apart and this is purely on design, lighting and colour.  

Minority Report is another stylistically brilliant film that is overly lit and photographically over-exposed in area's but I love the colour palette and the artistic lead that the film is trying to inform us that the film is so brightly flared in places because the future itself is far too glossy and spectacle to contain is the cinematic frame. This, is another example along with other science fiction films that ground them in their genre.