Friday, 2 November 2012


On this UV, I wanted to establish a Universe built around my Norman segment of film. So as I have now decided to insert a rock into my Lunar scene, I thought a really interesting way to do this would be to advertise a fictional corporation on the rocket. Named after my Surname "Hudson: Space Dynamics for the Future" with the flag of my home in South Yorkshire, England. I thought this would establish a more personal touch to my rocket prop too, and I could have a little more fun creating the UV Map as I have. The Black dot on the right area of the map is where the window will be. The basis of "Hudson Space Dynamics" is essentially the future of safer, energy efficient space travel and my rocket in my Maya scene is the very first Hudson rocket; and I wanted to follow that through with the design aspect of the model. Some of the very first rockets looked very retro, and that retrospective followed through in both Cinema and Saturday Morning cartoons and I wanted to bring that aesthetic through into my design.

On Maya, up to now, it looks something a little bit like this...

After a few more little render tests, I decided that I liked my rocket better without the rocket boosters, so I decided to stick with an aesthetic that the rocket on my lunar surface had been there for quite a long time in a landing position. It had long expired been in a temporary position and for me, that add's depth to the environment which allows the layout to tell it's own story, as well as for Norman and his performance to tell his. So below, I have my render pass for my rocket Prop.