Sunday, 28 October 2012

Development on Moon Surface Lighting

In these render's of my surface, I have been playing around with my lighting with a bloom effect. The top image has Bloom effect at 75% of maximum whereas the middle has it at 50% of maximum and the bottom at 20%. I am happy with the 20% render, and it will be the one I use, because it picks up enough light and dark, tonally without being biased on either end of light or the darkness. The bloom allows me to replicate the actual conditions on the moon, where the sunlight bounces off of the lunar surface but due to the lack of lit area's for the light to bounce back to it lingers over the lunar area; giving a very distinctive look that it has been key to capture. I also have a Spherical UV Mapped background that immerses my environment below. The image I designed myself on Adobe Photoshop to correctly fit around a Polygon sphere.

In Progress

The entire map 

                                                          Zoom in of above image

The two together... 

I did decide that the purple hues were not the direction I wanted to take. I want to acheive a more Green/Blue tint in my intersteller background that I could use in constrast to what I had modelled in Maya and how I intend to set up the lighting. So below is the final Render from Photoshop of the Backdrop that is to be used in the final film.