Friday, 28 September 2012

The Norman Project

So in these first two pictures I have built some test models in Maya using displacement maps to essentially look for the texture I'm wanting to create for my Lunar surface. Aside from this map, I will want the surface to have craters and basically tick the boxes of how a moon is represented in Science Fiction movies - In Terms of lighting & Colour Palette.

Space CAN be a cold & vacant setting; and I wanted to take it in a direction where I would be able to warm it up,
add some colour to it with the hues of blue instead of a constant blackness in the first digital painting  and then below it; a matte backdrop concept. I feel that the blue tones
would open it up as a more appealing visual look. I want it to represent an aesthetic that would imbue audiences with it's
simplicity - Young and Old. I want it to take from the glossy/polished lighting elements of live action science-fiction films,
whilst still conveying the vastness of space.

In Regards to colour palette, I want to establish a stylish colour palette that we usually see in Science fiction films from
offbeat secondary blue's and green'.

I'm still feeling a little indecisive about what story I want to tell exactly. It has to elicit some emotional character driven animation that norman will perform, but I below I have posted a few rough ideas.