Sunday, 30 September 2012

Moon Surface Research

So iv'e tried my hand at picking out some of the best photo's of the Moon's surface. As I am going to be replicating this, it's important for me to capture the right raw/natural textures of the moon whilst also replicating it's unspoilt/vacant & preserved surface.What I enjoy about these photographs and what excites me about creating the environment in general is how it can be explored photographically, where I can place the cameras in the digital field - the depth I can build, the foreground textures, whilst its a very simple set out, it's going to rely on UV textures heavily but this all builds that visually beautiful environment.

I also found this, which is a complete MAP of the surface of our Moon. The intricacy and the detail is really quite mind blowing. I may at some point try some spherical mapping with a texture like this for some test footage.