Thursday, 6 December 2012

Sound Design Sound Clips

I decided I would have a play around and try and create numerous little sound clips at 30 seconds a piece as it's obvious that there are so many great sounds to play around with and alienate to create different soundtracks to match different moods and emotions but I just wanted to paint a different picture without using the image, for each musical sequence.

So first off we have "The Lost Transmission" which I created to resemble the vastness of space. I wanted to create the essence of huge scope, and how thing's get lost in that vast open space. I was heavily influenced by the natural transmissions that moons and planets create through sound waves and I enjoyed the idea of them been hidden and them developing their own sense of a history with time passing by, waiting to be found - so this is my first piece.


This next sound piece, while it doesn't meet the brief's 25 second demand, it does go on for quite a while, but I wanted to show that I had been playing around with the pitching and timing of various sound clips to create my own unique version of a flying saucer sound effect from an old 1950's science fiction film. Iv'e then tweaked and played around with a couple more sounds and altered the pich and timing to this rocket ignition/booster/taking off sound to compliment as a secondary sound to the initial UFO roar and created this unique take-off sound. 


 Then I have my Prehistoric/Jurrasic Jungle soundtrack