Sunday, 14 October 2012

Norman Goes To The Moon - Final Storyboards

What I really want to do is establish that we are in outer space. Something that sets a tone and a feeling that we are elsewhere. This explains the shot of the rocket, which will fly past the camera. I want to then cut to the Moon surface to show my audience that this is the area where my action will be taking place. THEN! we get to the action with Norman. Now to interlink this with the predecessing film, Norman has to wake up in my sequence all drowsy from teleportation from the underwater scene. This first sequence where he thrusts his body upright and looks around in first person 'Norman-Vision' mode is all about Norman finding himself and his surroundings - getting his bearings as such. Norman Finds the Earth, and that's when the reality kicks in for Norman that he's on the moon. The quoted lip-sync sequence then takes place in which Norman says 'I gotta' Bad feeling about this' famously used from Star Wars films (I will be using the Harrison Ford Han Solo version from Star Wars: A New Hope). This will all make way for lovely character performance. Norman then jumps off camera, to another side of the moon and then slows himself down to begin walking instead of jumping. Mid-walk he turns his body cautiously checking his surroundings, to which he begins to walk in a backwards motion. Much to Norman's dismay, he meets his end by falling down a crater, to which the camera I intend to shake to emphasise the impact of Norman's fall. The sequence will then cut to the following film.